What are beach cruiser bikes good for? – An Alphabetical List

What are Beach Cruiser Bikes Good for?

An Alphabetical List of … From A-Z.

We want to Save You from a Boring Life

What are these things suitable for, anyway?

  • A: Great for Your Arms, bro.
  • B: They will Shrink Your Belt.
  • C: They reduce Cravings without drugs or diets.
  • D: Fun riding Downhill.
  • E: Great for Exercise. (You might even enjoy it)
  • F: Cruiser Bikes are Fun!
  • G: These bikes get you Going.
  • H: HeartHealth, and Happiness.
  • I: Individuality. Make your bike your own style.
  • J: Go Jump Off a Curb.
  • K: Kick Brakes take you back to the cul de sac. 
  • L: Legs, Lungs, and Laughs.
  • M: Good for Mental Health and Muscles.
  • N: Good for Nothing, just like mom warned ya.
  • O: Good for the Omnium (j/k).
  • P: Panache. Up your game on a bike. 
  • Q: Quads. Biker quads, it’s a thing. 
  • R: Relationships. Happy, healthy people are more fun to be around. 
  • S: Sex Drive. Try it. 
  • T: A Trip to the Store.
  • U: The Upstroke. 
  • V: Vibe enhancer. 
  • W: Good for Your Wallet. Compared to other bikes. 
  • X: X Country. We road our cruiser in Ragbrai
  • Y: Cruisers are Good for YOU…
  • Z: Zone Out… Go for a ride, think less about your problems. 
What are beach cruiser bikes good for?
On the Cruise, Investigating Life
What are beach cruiser bikes good for?
Beach Cruiser Bikes are Good for Photos

Beach Cruiser Bikes are Good.

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