Thank You for Cruising

The Cruise is available to all of us who can ride a bike.

June 4, 2020

The Cruise is a state of mind.

You are at One with the Cruise.

You are at Cruising Speed.

You are The Cruise and the Cruise is also Everything Else.

The Cruise takes you for a ride and returns you in your life, smiling.

The Cruise.

Hard to Cruise if someone is trying to convince you that you aren’t worthy of a Cruise.

Hard to Cruise if you are tied to someone who wants something different for you.

Hard to Cruise, sometimes.

Which is why I salute my partner in Cruise.

The Great Cat.

The Greatest Cat.

This was June – 2020 – The start of the pandemic. We both took to our own streams to happiness. I found the bike again and she found lifting heavy weights.

She’s the greatest human I have ever known. Thanks for pushing me to Cruise.


Head Student, CBMS

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