Riding a Bike Down Hill

Is there anything better than Riding a Bike Down Hill?

Yes. Yes, there are lots of things better than that.

But those things are rare, like a captivating discourse with someone you admire. Like skydiving or eating gelato in a town where they don’t speak english, even if they know how.

The point is, you can ride a bike twenty times in a day, riding down twenty or more hills along the way.

You can get one of the best things on earth, by riding to the top of a hill and cruising back down.

I was, an eon ago, a snowboarding enthusiast. I moved to Colorado and became a monk for the sport. I took jobs so I could ride to work.

I wanted to ride a board, downhill. It’s fun.

In exactly the same way as riding a bike down hill is fun.

Just vibe. Then ride to the next one, ride up and ride down. Repeat.

People are always talking about freeing their mind. But it’s always elusive. Somewhere or Sometime out there…

We claim we don’t know how to get free…

Truth is, you can find freedom riding down a hill on a snowboard. Or on a bike, any bike, by riding down hill, until smiling. You can Find Your Beach.

Then you can take another ride, tomorrow.

“Ride Up Hill So You Can Cruise Down Hill…” -The Cruise

Here’s to Chuck at Rise Above Leathers (IG) for fixing my rad bag with such style.

cruiser bike mystery school pictures with leather bag

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