Ride Off Into the Sunset

Ride: Iowa, Thursday March 11, 2021

Ride off into the Sunset

Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine you are a kid again, with your bike, riding with your friends. Your bike was a vehicle for transformation and joy. It was a unicorn and a rocket. That bike plugged you into so much joy.

The exact same experience you felt on a bike as a kid, is available to you, right now. You can get happier, sometimes much happier, just by getting on a bike, any bike, and going for a ride until you smile.

Replace one bad-outcome a month with a bike ride.

You know -‘That friend’ who always causes drama, replace them with a bike ride.

Just come back later, after a ride.

That’s it. That’s our big idea.

Ride Off into the sunset on a beach cruiser
Ride Off into Your Own Sunset on a Beach Cruiser (or ANY bike)

Find a bike and ride it.
Doesn’t matter what bike.
Just make it safe, then go for a ride.

You may find, on the back of that bike, a desire to smile. You have no choice. You get plugged into a bigger force. It’s like the Force in Star Wars, just on the back of the bike. We call it The Cruise.

Go ride your bike until you smile, connecting to The Cruise. An energy force that turns the wheels of everything, but mainly bikes.

My name is Brian and I am one of the students at Cruiser Bike Mystery School. The bike you see in picture is a beach cruiser bicycle from Walmart I bought it in 2012.

In 2020, I was riding it every day that wasn’t freezing in Iowa. And that proves that you can create your own beach, to ride your beach cruiser on, anywhere. My beach is often the side of a road next to a corn field, the ocean made up of waves of green stalks. You can create your own beach, just like you did when you were a kid riding bikes. Only now you are older and wiser.

Ride off into the sunset on your bike

And if you ‘Ride off into the Sunset”, wouldn’t that be a nice way to go?

If you want to know more about how to transform your life using a simple bike from Walmart (or your garage or the bike shop or wherever), leave a comment for us!

Head Student, CBMS

Beach Cruiser Photos by me, on Thursday March 11, 2021

Now go, Ride off into the Sunset!

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