READ: The Life-Changing Power of a Genesis Cruiser

A Genesis Beach Cruiser from a department store is not the first thing you think of when you think about life-altering fitness trends. I don’t care.

A Big, Black Beach Cruiser, with massive wheels and galactic handlebars, is not low-key.

I don’t care.

A Beach Cruiser that cost me less than $200 in 2012 is not the type of thing REI-shopping, brand-snobs would be caught dead on.

I don’t care.

What I do care about? That you find your own version of a Genesis Onex 29inch Beach Cruiser and go for a ride. Find a bike to go ride bikes again. Find a bike to fall in love with just riding in circles.

Find a bike that can carry you to bliss.

What kind of bike do you need? I suggest finding any bike you have access to and taking it for a ride.

TAKE ANY BIKE OUTSIDE and go for a RIDE, right now.

That’s the point of this site.

Find a bike and go ride.

The benefits are many:

  • Health: Move Your Body.
  • Wealth: Get your health in-line, you will spend less to stay healthy.
  • Relationships: I have awesome relationships. But even the best of relationships are improved when both partners are doing something for themselves.
  • Happiness: People are terrible at measuring happiness. Start with measuring how many smiles in a bike ride. Then how many smiles in a week of rides. You get happier. True story.
  • Decreased dependence on bad life choices: Coping comes in all kinds of forms. Find a bike, go for a ride. Try replacing one bad habit with a bike ride.
  • Connection: Go ride bikes and you will start to meet people and see things.
  • Freedom: Want to know how to feel free? Go ride a bike.

From my ride yesterday February 28th, 2021.

Genesis Beach Cruiser in the snow
Beach Cruiser and a Windmill in Iowa…!

Time needed: 29 minutes.

How to find a bike and go for a ride.

  1. Go look in the garage: Do you have a garage? Go look wherever your bikes would be stored.
  2. Check the bike for safety: Check to make sure there is air in the tires and the brakes work. Go for spin. It’s just like riding a bike!
  3. Ride Until Smiling: Doesn’t matter if you ride Genesis Beach Cruiser or a 5k carbon fiber, super bike – Ride Until You Smile. If you don’t smile, ride a bit longer.
  4. Repeat: Ride until happy. I sometimes go on several bike rides on a warm sunday in spring.

And that’s how you can change your life, one ride at a time. Slowly add bike rides. Then take away the bad stuff you do, in order to cope. Then add more bike rides. Have fun. Get Happy. Add bike rides, until you have had “Enough”.

And then you do that many bike rides to be happy.

It’s very simple. If you find something that you love, that also had a side benefit, like increased fitness, better relationships, health, wealth, and connection, then do that thing. Just do it. Go ride bikes.

So few of us find the thing we are looking for. I would like to suggest that maybe we are doing it wrong.

Maybe we should be finding something that works like a can opener, like a big black beach cruiser, or whatever your bike turns out to be…

And try the thing that ALREADY worked to make us happy. So many of us are looking for new ways to get happy.

Think back to your youth. Cruising the cul de sac or the neighborhood with pals. The bicycle has already made you happy. It has a history of success in your life. Just return for a ride.

Just go find a bike and ride it until you smile. You do not need to buy an expensive bike if you have no bike (the other point of this site).

Go to any bike store and tell them you want a cruiser bike that fits you. Buy some way to transport the bike (i.e. bike rack for your car) back home (or ride it home!). And when you are feeling stressed, go ride bikes.

In Conclusion, I love my Genesis 29er Beach cruiser from the department store. Beach cruiser bikes can change lives! Find your beach!

-Brian, Head Student, Cruiser Bike Mystery School

P.S. This is not an ad. While I would happily advertise this bike as my favorite item on earth, it is no longer being made.

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