La-z-boy vs Bike Seat

Which is Better? La-z-boy vs Bike Seat

Growing up in the ’80s, paunchy patriarchs positioned themselves in their favorite chairs – overstuffed La-z-boy recliners.

These were recliners with their own atmospheres – planetary objects demanding respect.

‘Don’t sit in dad’s chair…’

They were thrones from which to launch commentary on everything from politics to football.

They had a massive lever on the side that would toss the chair into a deep-state of recline. The lever was akin to the arm on the side of the slot machine.

Lean back one more time… See if you can achieve bliss, finally.

They always seemed kind of gross. Like you were you looking at something private. Like having a bed in your living room, there was something off-putting about all of it.

A throne that was also a woobie. Ew.

The point of Cruiser Bike Mystery School is not to be judgy about how or where you sit, but to show you that you can find new and interesting places to take your chair. If you want to sit on a reclining pillow-coffin, that’s totally fine.

We think it’s important to put yourself in the best position you can to get what you want. And if losing M&M’s into the abyss of sweaty vinyl is your thing, go for it.

But if you want to see the world zoom past you…

If you want to create your body as a vehicle.

If you want to buy a seat and ride it all over town, then Crusier Bike Mystery School is for you.

We thought it would be fun to look at the pros and cons of theLa-z-boy against the Bike Seat. Kick back, relax, it’s going to be fun.

La-z-boy vs Bike Seat

Pros: La-z-boy

  • You can use it inside.
  • You can use it to watch the Matrix, again.
  • It doubles as a bed.
  • You can pretend like you are a king.
  • Goes well with beer.

Cons: La-z-boy

  • You can’t use it outside.
  • It doubles as a bed.
  • You can pretend like you are a king.
  • Goes well with beer.
  • It cost more than your first car.
  • It smells like a bottle full of farts.

Pros:Beach Cruiser Bike Seat

  • You can use it outside.
  • You can ride it to get happy.
  • You can use it to actually become a super hero in your own life.

Cons: Beach Cruiser Bike Seat

  • It makes your arse hurt, after a while.
  • Can be expensive.
  • Can’t be used inside.
  • More dangerous than La-z-boy (or is it?)

Winner! La-z-boy!

After all, that’s the American Dream… Buy a recliner and fall asleep in your castle. Right?

This is us on a ride on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve in my Favorite Chair…

Black Beach Cruiser on Christmas Eve

We use Brooks Saddles at CBMS (*not an ad).

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