How to Feel Free

Remember Flying Through Your Neighborhood at Dusk on a Bike with your Friends…

You weren’t riding expensive bikes. Maybe something your dad bought at Toys R Us or a swap meet.

But they became so much more than bikes. They became vehicles for Imagination…

Bikes transformed into rocket ships.

Bikes became whatever you needed them to be:

  • A Fancy car?
  • Chariot?
  • Unicorn, dragon, butterfly…
  • A carriage… A tank or a robot.
  • They became us.

They became what we wanted to be, to experience. Just for the fun of it. It was one of your first real experiences of pure happiness.

Remember what it felt like to be that Alive..?

The buzzing of fireflies. The sound of bike cranks.

Just happiness. No agenda.

That’s how to feel free.

Just riding bikes. Like you did when you were a kid.

Just Cruising… Nowhere to go, in the moment.

Riding bikes for hours at a time. Not going anywhere. Everything left your mind, except that moment.

Just riding a bike to be riding and having fun.

It was just about riding bikes. Not getting somewhere in the fastest or easiest way.

Not going anywhere at all, most of the time. Just Cruising. Jumping off curbs. Doing skids. Mini-wheelies. High Fives. Bliss on wheels.

This is The Cruise

how to feel free
How to Feel Free

Riding bikes. For fun. Finding Your Cruise.

Creating The Cruise for you, in your adult life.

The Key to Happiness is the same now as when you were 12, go ride your bike until you smile.

We call this cruising, just riding with no destination, like you did when you used to laugh, like a kid.

How to FEEL FREE? Just get on a bike, any bike, and ride until you smile.

Ride it in circles in your driveway, ride around the block, ride just for fun. Create your own beach, find your beach.

how to feel free
Go for a ride on ANY bike until you smile!

Like you did when you were a kid.

Happiness is available. You just have to go find a bike and ride until you smile.

Ride down a hill, maybe going a little fast. I promise you forgot what it means to be happy. Go find out.

Plus, if it makes you feel better, what’s the harm?

Head Student, CBMS

P.S. That’s How to Feel Free…

How to Feel Free

Total Time: 29 minutes

Find a bike

Check the garage.
Ask a neighbor.
Buy a cheap bike online or at a store. cruiser bike

Make it safe

Check the tires pressure on the side of the tire. Inflate.
how to feel free by going for a bike ride

Go for a ride (with a helmet)

Ride until smiling.
ride until free

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