How far can you ride a beach cruiser?

how far can you ride a beach cruiser bike

Today I rode 25 miles on my beach cruiser bike.

I think that might be considered FAR on this type of bike.

Although, prior to bikes with multiple gears, this bike would’ve been more valuable than a horse, a precursor to the automobile.

I biked two towns over… big deal.

To me, it was.

I wanted to see where my outer ‘fun’ limit.

I wanted to see how far I needed to go, if I wanted to ride ‘far’ on any given day.

Where is the edge of my cruising universe?

It’s 25 miles away.

On my beach cruiser bike, I do not need to go beyond 25 miles in a day in order to have increased joy.

The joy limit is 25 miles or below.

That’s my new beach. I can cruise out to about 25 miles.

I recommend this. It’s about finding what is enough for you. I can ride out to 25 miles and know I don’t need to go further to increase my fun.

COULD I GO FURTHER? Yes, maybe three times as far in a day, but it would be slog and I would be toast afterwards.

Check out my Strava, bro?

‘Beach Cruiser Bikes’ is not a selection in their app.

The problem with Strava and riding in a qualitative way, in my experience is that it changes the WHY of the ride from having a good time to ‘riding further or faster’ or whatever.

You don’t stop to take a picture because, Strava.

In this case, it paints a picture for me of what is far enough. What do I need to be happy.

What’s your ‘far enough’?

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By Brian

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