Find Your Beach [It Might be a Parking Lot]

The Key to Happiness: Find Your Beach

At Cruiser Bike Mystery School we believe that you can create your own beach. You don’t actually need a beach. Or a beach cruiser, really. You need to look at your surroundings in a new way.

How do you find your beach?

Step One: Find a place near you where one section of geography bumps up to another. In Iowa, we have cornfields buming up to sidewalks. Perfect mental “beach”.
find your beach

Step 2. Ride next to your new beach until Smiling. Find a bike, ANY BIKE, and go for a ride on your new beach! Repeat as needed.

Find your beach
Is that Sand or Snow? [Find your beach]

Life gets in the way.

Sometimes it’s hard to just ride off into the sunset on beach cruiser bikes.

But if you give yourself some freedom to find your own perfect beach, you won’t need a Corona on a cartoon beach. You can create your happiness and go ride bikes on your own beach.

Most of us build a wall around “happiness” as a place we might get to, someday, if all the conditions are right.

Forget that. Find a bike then build your own beach in your mind. Why do you think Walmart cruisers are so popular.

There are no beaches in Iowa, none with a sea wall or a warff to ride a bike on.

Everyone is doing it.

Just grab a bike out of your garage or order one or get a Walmart cruiser and go for a ride on your new beach!

Find your beach in iowa
Create Your Own Beach

How do you do it? Just imagine you are on a beach? Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Your brain is a powerful imagination engine. Besides, you ‘beach’ is better most, I would venture to guess.

Ride: February 28, 2021 Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Temperature: Cold AF

find your beach
Find Your Beach [It Might be a Parking Lot]

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