Beach Cruiser Accessories Explained

beach cruiser accessories helmet

The Best and Worst Beach Cruiser Accessories What are the best and worst beach cruiser accessories? It depends. It depends on what type of riding you like to do. Do you like to cruise the beach or do you like to ride around downtown, doing errands and seeing pals? Do you need a beach cruiser … Read more

Are Cruiser Bikes Good for Winter?

Are cruiser bikes good for winter?

Answered: Are cruiser bikes good for winter? I don’t ascribe to this philosophy. I don’t care if I have 5% body fat. I don’t need to test myself or to set my edge. I need to ride bikes. Because it’s my happy place. It’s where my mind gets free. It’s everything and nothing all at … Read more

La-z-boy vs Bike Seat

christmas eve on my black beach cruiser bike

Which is Better? La-z-boy vs Bike Seat Growing up in the ’80s, paunchy patriarchs positioned themselves in their favorite chairs – overstuffed La-z-boy recliners. These were recliners with their own atmospheres – planetary objects demanding respect. ‘Don’t sit in dad’s chair…’ They were thrones from which to launch commentary on everything from politics to football. … Read more

Go Fly a Bike

A mentor recently told me a story. It featured a few well-intentioned professors. The professors were sitting in a park next to some pigeons. The pigeons were not flying, just milling around, doing pigeon stuff. They postulated, “Birds should be flying.” They began lecturing the birds on the mechanics of flight, teaching the birds how … Read more