What are beach cruiser bikes good for? – An Alphabetical List

What are Beach Cruiser Bikes Good for? An Alphabetical List of … From A-Z. We want to Save You from a Boring Life What are these things suitable for, anyway? A: Great for Your Arms, bro. B: They will Shrink Your Belt. C: They reduce Cravings without drugs or diets. D: Fun riding Downhill. E: Great for Exercise. (You… Continue reading What are beach cruiser bikes good for? – An Alphabetical List

You are Dorothy

Remember when Dorothy can’t find Toto in the Wizard of Oz? She rides her bike frantically, yelling for the dog. No matter what she does, her world is exploding into chaos. She wants to find Toto, to restore order, despite everything being awful. Her tiny house gets sucked up into the tornado and blasted into… Continue reading You are Dorothy

Proceed to the Route

Riding a beach cruiser bike in Iowa is a bit like wearing overalls at the beach, it’s weird but in a way that unlocks a new level inside you. It’s a social experiment. Passing people as you ride, the divide is immediate. They either hate you (they have an expensive bike, they take this ‘cycling’… Continue reading Proceed to the Route

How to Feel Free

Remember Flying Through Your Neighborhood at Dusk on a Bike with your Friends… You weren’t riding expensive bikes. Maybe something your dad bought at Toys R Us or a swap meet. But they became so much more than bikes. They became vehicles for Imagination… Bikes transformed into rocket ships. Bikes became whatever you needed them… Continue reading How to Feel Free

The Brooks M67 Saddle

My Seat for the Ride Off Into the Sunset: The Brooks M67 Saddle Brooks Saddles. Epic bike gear. They are the classic bike accessory. Made in England since 1866. Handmade. Maybe a little snobby. Which I find delightful on my ‘upgraded cruiser’ from Walmart. The brilliant folks at Gold Finch Cyclery suggested I look at… Continue reading The Brooks M67 Saddle

Just Choose Again

During lockdown many people explored meditation. Working from home kept our minds in a box. Meditation showed us new worlds. Meditation is a lot of things to a lot of people. Most people think of meditation as focusing on a mantra or your breath. I find this type of meditation frustrating. Guided meditation is when… Continue reading Just Choose Again

Since 2012 | My Genesis 29er Beach cruiser

A Beach Cruiser from Walmart is not the first thing you think of when you think about life-altering fitness trends. I don’t care. READ: How a Walmart Cruiser Changed My Life. A Big, Black Beach Cruiser, with massive wheels and galactic handle bars is not low key. I don’t care. A Beach Cruiser that cost… Continue reading Since 2012 | My Genesis 29er Beach cruiser

Can You Ride a Beach Cruiser in the Winter? [Iowa Winter Photos]

It gets cold in Iowa. It gets cold everywhere. Which is why I think the beach cruiser is perfect for year round riding. Only go winter riding under these conditions: It’s not snowing or sleeting. It’s not freezing or windy enough to dangerous to skin. It’s not icy or wet on the ground. Riding a… Continue reading Can You Ride a Beach Cruiser in the Winter? [Iowa Winter Photos]