Can You Ride a Beach Cruiser in the Winter? [Iowa Winter Photos]

It gets cold in Iowa.

It gets cold everywhere. Which is why I think the beach cruiser is perfect for year round riding.

Only go winter riding under these conditions:

  • It’s not snowing or sleeting.
  • It’s not freezing or windy enough to dangerous to skin.
  • It’s not icy or wet on the ground.

Riding a beach cruiser bike in the winter is fun. I have BMX tires on my bike, a street pattern.

I do not want to fall down.

I have glass ribs. I was born in ’72.

If I do it, I am doing my best to not get squished or fall off the ride.

You Can Get a Fat Tire Bike, but unless you are riding in snow a lot, I have a hard time justifying a fatty.


Do I need special tires to ride my beach cruiser in the winter?

No, just stay off ice, snow and wetness.

What gloves do you use for winter beach cruiser rides?

I wear five dollar fingerless mitt/glove combo from the hardware store.

What do you wear on your head while riding in the winter?

I wear a helmet with a full shell, all year round.

I don’t go out if my eyes and face will be too cold.

I have considered a Daft Punk Helmet while riding. Or a giant zip lock bag over my body.

Once you get hooked on riding, not being able to ride in the winter is a drag. So when it’s negative -15, one must ride the stationary bike. I found a suitable bike for about $300 that had iFit app with it.

Can you ride a beach cruiser in the winter?

You can follow along with rides all over the world with amazing riders. I took a ride through Santa’s Village with a guy on a fat tire bike. I have ridden on lakes in New Zealand, spanned the vast rock faces of Moab, danced over Colorado peaks on a bike, and raced up Mount Fuji.

iFit is exceptional, actually. It made getting through winter in Iowa much more sane. *

*not an ad.

February 28th, 2021

I loved this ride.

And these pictures.

They remind me of Seth Rogan’s “Purple Cow” book. A beach cruiser in the snow, in Iowa, in winter… So weird, but also rad.

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