Why a Black Cruiser Bike?

To Hell with any other black cruiser bike.

This bike was built in Bikehalla for me, upgraded by the top monk cult of a tiny bike shop in Cedar Rapids, and destined to tear flaming curves from the earth, one cruisy turn at a time.

To Hell with Any Other black cruiser bike.

There are many like it, but this is my own bike.

Most of my 29″ genesis onex cruiser men’s bike is black.

It’s not black in the way that people get weird about. It’s black like my gilfriend’s picture. Black, sexy and fun.

This is me riding to meet her for lunch at The Map Room in Cedar Rapids. They have a rad reuben sandwich. Which jams on sauerkraut like a spiritual saxophone, or black beach cruiser bike.

The black cruiser bike is a perfect platform for a commuter bike.

Some people even take the 29″ Genesis Onex cruiser men’s bike in black and put a motor on it.

Some people look at me funny or say that my bike looks cool. I say that a black cruiser bike feels good to ride, first. I think it looks cool and maybe that makes part of the feeling of enjoyment.

The bike has a personality that seems to change over the years.

It’s like a friend that you get to know, on a deeper level. It’s black on the outside. But on the inside, what color is a bike’s soul? What color is my own soul, for that matter? Does a black cruiser bike change the color of your soul?

I think yes. Definitely.

June 15, 2021

In Cruise We Trust

Black Cruiser Bike
My beautiful girlfriend
Black Cruiser Bike

Black Cruiser Bike

Black Cruiser Bike
Black Cruiser Bike
Black Cruiser Bike
Black Cruiser Bike
Black Cruiser Bike
me on my Black Cruiser Bike
Black Cruiser Bike shadow

P.S. There might be some perfectly lovely black beach cruisers out there, I only own this one, so it’s obviously superior to everything else, to me. Which is to say, go find your own version of my big black bike. I love mine, you should love whatever it is you decide to cruise.

Do you.

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