Black Beach Cruiser Wins Flowers

The amazing bike film, “Accomplice” talks about the bike being a partner in crime. The film is shot with a grace of vision rarely matched, except by the outfit that produced it, Teton Gravity Research. Everything they do is digital gold.

Their epic series by the Wizard of OG snowboarding, Jeremy Jones, Higher, Deeper, and Further is one of the things I look at when I wonder, “What am I doing with my life?” It SHOWS what it’s like to create a line in the snow, to earn every step of the drop. To carve, in life. To carve your line on world and pull it away to reverberate inside your own Cruise.

Go Watch This ☝🏽
Black Beach Cruiser

This black cruiser bike is my accomplice. I spend 30-120 minutes on it almost every day. I love it. Thank you to the people who helped me make it a reality.

This Black Beach Cruiser didn’t actually win flowers. I ‘wins flowers’ by being in pictures with flowers. But that’s about it.

In Cruise We Trust

Head Student

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