Cruiser Bike Mystery School reminds humanity of the wisdom inherent in riding a Bicycle.

The bike is one of our greatest inventions. It works the same for everyone. A cheap bike is still fun. A cheap bike can still take you to your job. Any bike can make you smile.

At Cruiser Bike Mystery School, we are educating people about the joy and almost unlimited happiness that can be found on a bicycle. – ALMOST ANY BICYCLE.

We love cruiser bikes, but there are so many different iterations of cruiser, it’s easier to say – ANY BIKE CAN CRUISE. And that ANY HUMAN CAN CRUISE.

Grab a bike and go for a Cruise. The Cruise is like The Force, from Star Wars, only on bikes and with less lightsabers.

We are students of the bike. We are not experts. We are not coaches. We are not experts. We are students, just like you, experimenting, living, and enjoying. We don’t want to tell you what you SHOULD do. We want to show you what it’s like when WE do it and what it COULD be like, for you…

In Cruise We Trust

Cheers, CBMS
Iowa 2021

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