The 15th Chamber – A Fork is Not Food

The Mission, if you choose to accept it, is to get the point.

The brilliance of Steve Jobs was to sell you the fork and convince you it was food.

The fork is not food.

We can not get sustenance from a fork.

You can have a great experience, but the fork is not the food.

The fork delivers the food.

In exactly the same way, the bike is not the ride.

You can not have a nice ride without a bike.

You can’t have a nice meal without a fork (or chopsticks or fingers or whatever).

But the fork doesn’t change the experience that much.

Get a fork you like, but almost ANY fork will do.

Don’t get caught up in having the nicest fork.

Or if you do, that’s fine, but just know that it’s a sub-hobby of the Cruise.

The Cruise does not require a nice fork.

My cruiser bike cost $180 from Walmart in 2012. I have made some upgrades, but it’s a fork.

A Fork is not food…
The cruise is the food…
The bike is the fork…
Don’t confuse the fork for food…

  • Step One: Find a fork, take it for a ride.
  • Step Two: Don’t worry so much about the fancy fork people.
  • Step Three: Have a nice meal/ride.
  • Mission Accomplished: When you set down your fork, you think about how the ride made you feel and you feel good.

Homework: Go to the garage, dust off an old fork and go for a ride.

Next Steps: Coming soon.

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