The 9th Chamber – Meet Your Guides

The Mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find your Guides.

Meet your guides. This is a process that is amplified on the back of a bicycle. Rushing through the landscape on the back of a bike, you may discover that your mind works differently.

You may discover the old voices in your head don’t appear on your Beach.

The committee that votes on your every move doesn’t have a sidecar on your bike. There is no room.

You may find new guides. People and places on your Cruise. Outside influences.

As you ride, you may discover that you find guides inside your head and your Beach.

A new form of meditation.

If you Ride Until Smiling enough times, you realize you are guiding your cruise.

That you are responsible for this ride in the most beautiful way.

You make every turn. Every carve. You create every smile.

Meet your Guides:

  • Step One: Find a bike and go for a ride.
  • Step Two: Listen to the voices that appear in your head. Let them come and go. Find your own voice. Point your bike in the direction you want to go. Guide it, like you can guide your life.
  • Step Three: Smile.
  • Mission Accomplished: You step off your bike like a new person.

Note: Your bike is a vehicle to new physical and mental realms. It won’t happen overnight. Enjoy the ride.

Homework: Go Fly a Bike

Next Steps: Enter the next Chamber.

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