The 8th Chamber – Catch a Buzz

If you accept it, the Mission is to get high on a bike.

Ever wonder why guys spend $5,000 on a bike and dress us in leotards to go ride bikes?

Riding a bike is a buzz.

It makes you feel good.

What if you could replace whatever you do to get a buzz with a bike ride?

I got on my bike over three years ago and haven’t had a drop to drink since.

Your bike is magic.

Don’t believe me?

  • Step One: Find a bike and ride to the top of a hill.
  • Step Two: Ride down the hill.
  • Step Three: Examine how you feel.
  • Mission Accomplished: When you feel good, it’s working.

Warning: Repeated exposure may lead to looking at your life in a whole new way, trading beer for cranks, and having a garage full of bikes.

Homework: Go Fly a Bike

Next Steps: Enter the next Chamber.

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