The 7th Chamber – The Turns

If you choose to accept the Mission, it is to make Turns.

The cruise as compared to sailing, snowboarding, or other stylistic-vibe-turn-athletic-aesthetics.

Turning is a philosophy.

Turning is elegance.

Turning is cruising.

Beach cruising: snowboarding for people who don’t live in the mountains.

  • Step One: Look where you want to go. Looking at your front tire doesn’t help it turn. You go where you gaze. (This applies to literally everything)
  • Step Two: Lean into it.
  • Step Three: Gravity, the spinning of the earth and the magic of balancing on two wheels catches you and you surf into a new direction.
  • Mission Accomplished: Smile

Warning: People will think you are insane if you just go out to do turns. Who cares? Literally, just turn away.

Homework: Go make turns.

Next Steps: Enter the next Chamber.

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