The 5th Chamber – Create your Beach

The Mission, if you choose to accept it, is to Cruise without a Beach

Cruising is a State of Mind, a Mental Beach.

Ride to Your Mental Beach,

Relax as the waves dance in the distance.

Cruise the Beach.

Create new Beaches.

Name Your Beach. Go Back.

Find your beach…

  • Step One: Find a parking lot, patch of asphalt, or tarmac. Imagine the grass surrounding the parking lot is the ocean…
  • Step Two: Kick everyone out of your mental beach. You can invite people to your beach later, but for now, establish this beach as under your total control.
  • Step Three: Establish a session as a place of joy. Ride how you want to ride. Ride in circles. Ride with your feet off the pedals, laugh, dip, dream, and vibe.
  • Mission Accomplished: When you find your beach and smile like the waves are crashing at the edge of your shore.

Warning: You won’t want to leave. You want to go back as soon as you can. When you feel stressed, return to your beach, kick everyone out, and cruise.

Your beach can be the basis for a whole new happiness. Go find joy for a few minutes.

Homework: Find Your Beach.

Next Steps: Enter the next Chamber.

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