The 4th Chamber – What Do You Want?

The Mission, if you choose to accept it, is to define what you would like to do for eternity.

  • Step One: Think about what it would be like to do what you want. What do you REALLY want?
  • Step Two: Find your cruise, even if it’s not a bike.
  • Step Three: Get back in the current, back to the source, back to the cruise. Repeat as needed.
  • Mission Accomplished: Ride the universal current. You’ll know when you get there.

Homework: Think about what made you happy when you were 14. This isn’t about being immature, it’s about stripping your life back to what it was before you put a bunch of expectations on top of it.

Next Steps: Go for a Cruise. Go do what you liked to do when you were a kid. Roller skate, paint, skinny dip, dream.

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