The 3rd Chamber – The Love

Statement: You are the Universe Experiencing Itself
The Mission: Fall in Love with Everything (Including Yourself)

  • Step One: Find a bike, make it safe, and go for a CHILL ride.
  • Step Two: Remember how you used to feel like you didn’t fit in? You are inserted into the universe on a bike. You feel like you belong. You feel part of something, not some tiny little dot alone, but pedaling through time and space. You are connected. Connection is love. Lack of connection is loneliness and depression. Get on a bike to feel connected.
  • Step Three: Repeat as needed.
  • Mission Accomplished: When you feel good. Turning your body into a vehicle is beneficial. It’s good for you.

Homework: Notice how people want to be liked on social media. This is them trying to connect with the universe.

Next Steps: 4th Chamber

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