The 2nd Chamber – The Cruise

The Mission, if you choose to accept it, is to Cruise

There is a massive galactic force hibernating inside you. We call it The Cruise. 

It is powered by the rotation of the universe, the earth rotating around the sun. It has the power to make you happy.  It has the power to show us precisely what we want. You fell in love with The Cruise once before. 

What is The Cruise?

The Cruise is like The Force in Star Wars, only with Bicycles instead of lightsabers.

Star Wars is not about The Force; it’s the framework for the story, the hero’s journey, and the actual doing of the quest.

In precisely the same way, Cruiser Bike Mystery School is not about The Cruise; it’s about Your Quest for Happiness. The Cruise is a magical force capable of powering your journey and guiding you toward happiness.

What is The Cruise, exactly?

When you get on a bike and ride for enjoyment, you can find The Cruise. Just ride around like you did when you were a kid. Ride until smiling. Ride down a hill. Smile. Ride in circles. Get happy. 

That’s The Cruise. 

It’s not about going somewhere. 

It’s not about wearing the right clothes. 

It’s not about riding the right bike or having the right kit. 

It’s about riding a bike (ANY BIKE) until smiling. 

The Cruise can make you happy. You have proof. You were happy on your bike as a kid. 

Just think back to your life before money. 

Think back to your life before your responsibilities. 

Think about when your mom told you, “Go Ride Bikes.”

And you did. 

You got happy on the back of a bike. 

You rode a rocket or a dragon, or a unicorn. 

You could do anything on the back of that bike. 

You could be anything on the back of that bike. 

We aren’t suggesting that you return to being a child. That’s not what this is about. 

It’s simply proof that you have been happy before. Hindsight tells us more than we want to admit. 

When were you first happy? A bike might not be your first memory of happiness, but I bet it’s in the top five. 

So how does this work?

Get on a bike and go for a Cruise. Ride until smiling. If you do nothing more than that, we win. We spread joy. 

What happens then?

What happens when you get a taste of happiness? As humans, we tend to want more. 

Cruiser Bike Mystery School is founded upon the principle of finding a bike and riding until happy. If you come back for more, doors start to unlock. 

We have The 36 Chambers of the Cruise. It’s a journey into yourself using a bike as a tool (like a lightsaber). 

What’s inside? 

It depends. 

Most people see their lives differently after smiling on the back of a bike. It plugs you back into who you wanted to be when you were most happy. 

You can see what’s important. 

We want people to see what they want in life, from the back of a bike. We are not trying to create an army of bike converts (that will happen by itself).

The Cruise is a gateway…

To a universe of beaches…

  • Step One: Find a bike.
  • Step Two: Ride until Cruising (Smiling).
  • Step Three: Repeat.
  • Mission Accomplished: You’re Cruisin.

Homework: Ride off into the sunset…

Next Steps: Enter The Next Chamber.

*This idea was originally gleaned from Nic Peterson

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