22nd Chamber – The Buzz

Your Mission, if you choose to accept it, is to get a buzz.

All vices come with a buzz. That’s the point. It gives you something you think you need.

The Cruise is a buzz without the bullshit.

It’s your first buzz, on the cul de sac, on a bike a sunset.

But you run off to find something better.

The only thing I found that’s better than the Cruise is Love. Mutual appreciation from my gal.

Short of that, The Cruise is the greatest high, especially one you can get whenever you want; it won’t ruin your life and makes you happy, thin, and less likely to die.

Don’t believe me?

  • Step One: Find a hill.
  • Step Two: Ride down, maybe a little too fast.
  • Step Three: Try to keep from smiling.
  • Mission Accomplished: Which is better? 11 dollar martini or dashing down a hill a little too fast on a bicycle?

Homework: Destroy your buzz crutches with a bike ride. (Or don’t)

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