21st Chamber – The Nod

The Mission, if you choose to accept it, is to smile and nod.

When you first start cruising, you will notice something.

I call it ‘The Nod.’

When you pass someone on the bike trail, normally, they tilt their chin down, make a tiny bowing motion with their head.

It is meant to be a greeting or a sign of respect among travelers.

It’s a complicated thing, The Nod.

When I started riding, I was a bit self-conscious about it. I was concerned about how I looked on a bicycle.

I wanted respect. I wanted to be understood.

I wanted to be seen, not in a ‘look at me’ kind of way, but to be respected.

Guys are stupid about The Nod.

Do it wrong and you can end up in a gunfight or World War 3.

Guys in Tights and The Nod

Look, I have a website about Cruising on beach cruiser in Iowa. IDGAF what you do, honestly.

But in my experience, guys in spandex don’t have time for The Nod.

They don’t think your fork is as good as theirs.

They don’t like your hair, helmet, beach cruiser, reflective belt, lack of skinny tires, Vans sneakers, lack of spandex, or a million other inane little details, mainly to do with how seriously they take “CYCLING…” they will NOT nod.

I assume they roll their eyes at me from under their $100 idiotic Oakleys.

This used to bother me.

But after a few years of Cruising, I stopped The Nod.

I no longer Nod.

Because I am too busy smiling like I won the lottery.

I smile the entire time I am on my bicycle.

And I smile back to anyone I pass.

And I pass some happy people.

Lesbians are very happy to be on bicycles.

Women in general seem to be able to plug into The Cruise, with more enjoyment.

I am so happy on my bike, I even smile to the Spandex Dudes. They don’t seem to love that, but I don’t care, it’s not about them, or their speedy dressing choices.

But what does this all mean to the beginning Cruiser?

To Nod or Not to Nod?

  • Step One: Go for a ride, preferably on a bike trail on the way to your favorite Cruise.
  • Step Two: When you pass someone, smile and Nod…
  • Step Three: Delight in the occasional return smile.
  • Mission Accomplished: When you smile and Nod and feel like the whole world is nodding with you…

Homework: Smile and Nod in the grocery store.

Next Steps: 22nd Chamber

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