The 18th Chamber – Ride the Wind

The Mission, if you choose to accept it, is to Ride the Wind

  • Step One: Find a quiet place.
  • Step Two: Read the meditation below.
  • Step Three: Find your own wind ride.
  • Mission Accomplished: Go back and ride the wind as often as you need it.

Ride the Wind
By Brian

Close your eyes.
Gently invite the light in the room into your body.

Take a deep breath and open up.
Let the corners of your mouth drop into a slight smile.
Mischief is on the Wind today.

Today, we are going to start by going to our beach.
This is a private beach.
On a private island.
In a warm ocean.
On a sunny day.
There is a slight breeze.
Nobody is there but you.

You look out onto the ocean.
Small waves lap up on copper color sand.
You sit down on the beach.
The sun and wind dance a smile lose on your face.

This is your perfect beach.
Totally private.

When you look up at the sky, do you see birds?
What kind of birds?
Do they walk on the beach?

What do you hear?
Are their birds chirping?

The sound of the waves?
How often do the waves crash on the beach?

Do you feel safe?
No one is here.
But you and the birds you like.
And the wind and sun and beach.

Your beach.
For the first time, you have a space to yourself.

Nobody is allowed on your private island, your beach, unless you allow them.

Kick everyone in your head…
Off your private island.

Your mother, brother, boss…
Husband, wife, sister…
Preacher, lender, tender…
Cat, dog, frog…
Daughter and boyfriend and everyone…

Off your island.

They won’t leave?
Or keep coming back?

Remember the wind blowing a nice breeze off your beach?
I bet…
If you ask…
It will lend a hand…
And blow everyone off your island.

Get out of here.
This is our island.

Where the wind is our friend.
The sun is set to our favorite temperature.

You walk down the beach to find a large Persian rug.
You wipe off your feet and step onto the rug.

You sit down and take in the vibe.
You can see forever.

Your breath runs up your core and through your crown…
Turning your colors on along the way.

The wind cruises by, dropping off some love on the way.
You feel connected to the wind.
You can ask it to cooperate, and it does.

A friend that keeps you alive with breath.
A friend keeping your island, your beach, private

The wind dances away, leaving notes on the waves.
Sending your birds a little higher.

And you come home to your beach.
On your private island.
With nobody around.
With nobody on your island.

You sit alone, comfortable on your Persian rug, on your perfect beach.

You are alone and in charge of your own space.
This is your beach.

You are the creator of this space.
Nobody can come here unless you invite them.

And the moment you want them to leave…
The wind carries them away.

You put your hands down behind you.
Sitting on the warm Persian rug.
Your toes stretch out toward the water.

The sun kisses your face as you smile on the way to the beach you created.

Come back here in the future.
You can just snap your fingers.
And be back on your beach.

Alone. In control.
The wind has your back.

You are happy.
You can feel happy here.

There are no chores.
No yelling.
No dishes.

Just your beach and the wind.
And the sun.
And sand.

On your private island.
No big deal.
You can smile.

It’s that rad.

As you smile…
Something appears in the back of your mind.

The wind.
Is asking you a question.

You have never had the wind ask a question before.
But since you are pals, in this place, on your beach…
You tilt your head in and put your hand to your ear.

As if to ask, “What was that, Wind?”

The Wind.
Wants to know.
If You want to go for a ride?

It turns out the Wind’s favorite thing on your private beach is to ride bikes.

That’s odd.
Who knew the Wind liked anything…
Much less riding BIKES?

But this is your land.
The wind has contacted you for a reason.
Do you want to ride bikes in the Wind?

Ok, that’s awesome.

The wind is bringing you the bike it thinks you will like.
The bike floats across the sand as if ridden by the wind.
You see your favorite bike when it pulls up on the Persian rug.
It’s your favorite color, sparkling in the sun.

It has a seat you want to sit on.
It has fun handlebars.
Pedals that are perfect for bare feet.

The bike pushes forward slightly.
As if begging to go.

You smile.
You can’t help but smile.

You are alone.
On your private beach.
On your private island.
And the Wind…
Is inviting you to go on a bike ride.
On your favorite bike.

And you can choose…
To take a ride.

Or sit here on your private beach.
And vibe.


The Wind is pleased.
That you want to ride.

The Wind loves to ride bikes
And it’s just different with a copilot.

You mount your favorite bike.
It is happy you are here.
Your favorite bike.
It probably deserves a name.

Your favorite bike.
It might earn a name.

You put your hands on the squishy grips.
Comfort and ease radiate through your arms and shoulders.

You relax.
A deep breath pulls in the Wind.
It dances inside your lungs.

You feel lighter.
Lifting your left foot to the pedal,
The bike takes off with little effort.

Across the sand, you drift.
Water squishes under your tires.
Making the sand bulge.
You smile.

Ahead is a parking lot next to your private beach.
There is nobody there.
Just a big section of asphalt.

And the Wind comes at your back.
Pushing you lightly up the small hill.

You accelerate when you reach the blacktop.
Regaining your bicycle skills.

You take some tight turns.
Remembering the fun from youth.

Bike rides just for the fun of it.
Just to go ride bikes.

The Wind shows you the way to fun.
Drifting you lightly toward deeper turns.

As the bike smiles, return.
You create your experience.
Between you and the bike and the Wind.

Drifting, rolling across the blacktop.
You and Wind and the Bike, your perfect bike.

On your private beach.
On your private island.

With the wind.

Looking across the island.
You get the feeling you would like to ride out onto the island.

A path appears.
Running up the side of a nearby mountain.
You ride up with ease.
The Wind has your back.

The Wind will always have your back.
From now on.

You glide up the mountain in a flash,
Making some fun turns and dips on the way up,
Giving you smiles for miles.

Thank you.
For coming here.
To create something new.
Just for you.

And to ride with the Wind.

When you get to the top of the mountain,
with the wind at your back.

Look around.
What do you see?

Ocean, for hours?
The sun.
The sky.
The wind danced on a nearby leaf.

You look out, and you can see happy.

You can see yourself happy.

You can be happy.

Right now.

On your favorite bike.
At the top of the mountain.
On your private island.
Above your private beach.

Nobody is around to see you bask.
Bask in your glory.
Bask in the Wind riding you.
And your favorite bike.

The Wind suggests you ride down the hill.
Down the mountain.
Ride down the mountain.
Come down the mountain.

With the wind at your back.
As you lift your left foot to the pedal,
your favorite bike takes off with little effort.

And you Cruise down the hill.

Slow at first.
Bringing up a smile.
There are a few things that are so reliable,
As riding downhill on a bike,
to bring smiles.

As you ride down, the Wind chases you,
ecstatic, in love.

You cruise back and forth slightly
Your favorite bike is rock solid under you.

And you Cruise and smile.
Not wanting it to end.
Not wanting the rush of Wind in your face to stop.

“Do not end.”
You whisper to the Wind.

And a mist appears ahead, across the road.
You slow.

But as the mist touches your tires…
You start to rise off the pavement.

Into the grasp of the Wind.
You feel supported and safe.
Alone, on your favorite bike, on your private island, in the sky, above your private beach.
Flying with the Wind.

Looking to your right, you see the beach below you.
As your head tilts to the right,
Your favorite bike turns to the right.
Dipping down.

You straighten the bars and look up.
Your favorite bike follows.

And you fly up into the clouds.
Slow at first, but gain speed with the size of your smile.

Up into the clouds, the Wind carries you.
On your favorite bike.

You shoot through clouds like a rocket.

You ride a cloud wave like you are surfing in the sky.

You look down and see all of the earth.
Spinning like a desk globe as your ride above it.

Your private island drifts by in a private part of your ocean.

But the Wind pushes you higher, into the dark of space.

Out where you can see the light of the moon.

Hit your favorite bike.

And make you smile.

Out here, you can ride above the earth and look down
and see how small everything looks.

From up here.

The wind beckons you back down, out of space.

Back into its arms.
You drift back down into the clouds.

Riding a spiral.

A joy ride on a sherbert cloud.
Built by your imagination.
and the Wind.
your new ally.

You create a super fun downhill,
back to your beach.

With a fun cloud loop.
You smile again.

On Your Favorite bike.

With your new Pal, the Wind.

You coast into your private beach
On a ramp made of clouds.

You stop on your Persian rug and dismount.
Looking up, you see your cloud spiral blow away in the Wind.

You smile.
And sit down.

You breathe in your new friend, the Wind.

You feel your colors close down, from your crown to your core.

Get ready to return from your private beach.

Remember you can come here any time.

Just snap your fingers
or think of the Wind having your back.

You can ride here on your favorite bike.

Or just appear on your beach.
On your Persian rug.

The wind, trying to get you to go for a bike ride in the clouds…

As you return,
you see the birds above you,
hear the waves dancing with the Wind.

And the clouds waving in the distance.

You can always be safe and free.
On your private beach.
With your favorite bike
and your new pal, the wind.

Homework: Realize everything is a ride on the wind.

Next Steps: 18th Chamber

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