14th Chamber – Happy Now

The Mission, if you choose to accept it, is to decide to be happy.

Riding bikes shows you how to be happy – this is a message from the universe.

No religion*, no sex, no politics.

It’s a pill with a cruiser bike on it.

We do things backward, saying we will be happy when we lose weight and have money – only when we become something in the future.

Fuck that. Get happy now.

The gatekeeper is YOU.

If you do it right, you will be happy based on what you are doing. And everything happens naturally.

You will lose weight easily when you get happy.
You will get money when you get happy.
You will find love when you get happy.
You will be happy when you get happy, and isn’t that the point?

And if those things don’t happen in the timeframe you want them to, it won’t matter as much…

Because you are HAPPY NOW.

Stop making happiness some unattainable castle in the sky.

It’s your garden. Plant it.

  • Step One: Find a bike, make it safe, and ride until smiling.
  • Step Two: Be on your bike. Don’t try to be better or more, simply do less of the terrible stuff for you. Drinking a six-pack a night? Dating a dipshit? Replace those with bike rides.
  • Step Three: Feel the wheels spin on your bike. Listen to the music. Smile. JUST Decide to be happy. It will take some repetition at first.
  • Mission Accomplished: When people ask how you are doing, tell them you are happy. See what happens.

Homework: Take the things out of your life that actively reduce your happiness. Go ride bikes.

Next Steps: Coming Soon.

*(This is not religion. This is a way to think about life, a path. Religion requires behavior modification in order to achieve rewards in the afterlife. This, is not that. CBMS is all about NOW, creating your heaven NOW. It is also NOT anti-religion. Do your thing.)

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