13th Chamber – The Mask

Your Mission, if you choose to accept it, is to take off your mask.

We are taught from a very young age how things are supposed to be.

You are supposed to go to school and get good grades.

The only way to succeed is to win within the confines of certain game-rules.

You are supposed to go to college.

It is expected that after college, you apply the same rules from school, only now you win by getting money.

Then you are expected to be more successful, returning to school if needed.

Then marriage, then kids.

All the while saving for retirement, where the ultimate goal is to not work, between 65 and 72.

During all this, you are expected to work on your “Personal Development.”

You are expected to develop your persona. Your character.

Persona, from Latin persōna (“mask; character”)

You might not even know it, but you are playing a character – wearing a mask.

You started playing when you were very young, and today is the day you learn that you can go for a ride and take off that mask.

You can go for a ride and see what’s under there.

I can’t tell you what you will find.

But let me give you some hints.

You might find another one under your mask when you remove it.

You are peeling the layers of an onion.

And under that layer, another mask…

Until you realize that YOU, the persona of YOU, Jone Jones from Cincinnati, or whatever, is a myth. It’s something you created.

What’s under that?

I can’t tell you. You have to see for yourself.

But if you see what I see, it’s the Cruise.

Which is a dance with the Universe from the back of a bicycle.

It’s the connection to the source.

It’s you finding god.

It’s you becoming god.

It’s everything and nothing.

It’s the miracle of you being on a bicycle on a rock rocketing through space.

Mask Removal:

  • Step One: Go find a bike and make it safe. Ride until smiling.
  • Step Two: Start to remove your masks. One by one. Who are the characters you play? What characters are you ready to be done with?
  • Step Three: Start playing your new roles.
  • Mission Accomplished: When you can see your old characters, old personas, that you played on the stage of life, take a bow and exit your life forever.

Homework: Create your new persona and start living it today.

Next Steps: Coming Soon.

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