11th Chamber – What is Enough for You?

If you choose to accept the Mission, it is to define Enough.

What do you REALLY want? You can find out on a bicycle.

We mistake “More” for what we want.

You can’t be happy when you want “More.”

More is not a place or a number. It’s asking for failure.

Instead of MORE, you have to define ENOUGH.

Ride a bike to define enough.

Is it enough to be happy on a bike ride?

If yes, then start thinking about what else you want. But be specific. More is not specific.

Examples of MORE:

  • Make more money.
  • Lose more weight.
  • Have more friends.
  • Have a bigger house.
  • Spend more time with my friends.

These statements are terrorists.

They make you think you are accomplishing something by setting ‘goals.’

More is not a goal. You can’t get there.

We must define enough. To do that, you have to have clarity.

A bicycle is a clarity machine.

Go ride bikes and come back with clarity.

Then define enough:

  • Make $2,000 extra monthly, so I can start working on my art project twice weekly.
  • Journal once a day for 30 days about what would make me happier.


  • Step One: Find a bike, make it safe, and go for a ride.
  • Step Two: Get to “Enough.” How? Try riding down a hill going slightly too fast…
  • Step Three: Reevaluate your choices and adjust based on your mind-bending ride downhill.
  • Mission Accomplished: When your behavior changes, realize Enough is another way to say NOW.

Homework: Come back from your next ride with two ideas you will change about how you manage “Enough.”

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