36 Chambers of The Cruise

If you need help getting closer to what you want, let me introduce myself.

My name is Brian.

I am the Yoda of Cruiser Bike Mystery School.

Like Yoda, I am going to give you a Path.

You can choose to accept the Path or you can go back to watching TV.

Either is fine.

This School helps you get closer to what you want.

The Portal: The 36 Chambers of the Cruise

Cruiser Bike Mystery School -36th Chamber of the Cruise
Enter the 36 Chambers of the Cruise

Inspired by the 36th Chamber of Shaolin, a person can enter and find their own Cruise.

Each Chamber has its own lesson. The initial Chambers are basic, but often the most important.


What are the lessons? You must enter to discover what’s inside.

What does it cost? Our School is Free. No cost.

How long does it take? It depends.

What do I need? A bicycle. We Suggest: Helmet, something reflective, and a Walkman.

How do I start? Click here. ⬅️

The 36 Chambers of the Cruise…

Enter the 36 Chambers of the Cruise…