How a Black Beach Cruiser Bike Changed Everything

My Black Beach Cruiser Bike is the Key to My Personal Freedom.

How often does something cheap catapult you into self-realization, mental expansion, creativity, and downright bliss? My 29 inch Black Walmart Cruiser Bike is one of those items.

Once in a while, an object can turn ON your life. It can sing to you from the garage until you remember who you were the day you bought that bike. What brought you to that point.

Rarely does a bicycle become what it truly is… A zipper that pulls open reality, revealing everything and nothing. A breath on a wind-bound turn. A scalpel to peel back the layers of the onion, only to reveal infinity.

My 29 inch Black Beach Cruiser Bike is all those things, and more.

black beach cruiser bike
My Black Beach Cruiser Bike

When we look at our lives and find that they are not working. That things are not OK… What can we do? We can look back on our lives and ask, “When was I happy?”

Think back to the cul de sac. Think back to the mystery of cruising around the neighborhood on your bike with a big pack of friends. No agenda. You weren’t trying to get somewhere. To accomplish your goals.

You were just on a bike, having fun.

That’s what my Genesis beach cruiser does for me. It makes room for me to be happy.

My Black Beach Cruiser reminds me that I can be happy again, instantly.

All I have to do is go for a ride.

I ride my beach cruiser until I smile.

I ride to joy.

I ride to bring the curves of my turns into my life.

I ride to bring my beach into my life and then to cruise the beach on my beach cruiser bike.

And that’s why I think a bicycle is a great tool for self-discovery.

There is nobody on the bike with you. It’s just you.

Your boss is not on the back of the beach cruiser with you…

Your husband, son, brother, wife: Not on the cruiser bike with you.

You are alone, on the bike. ANY BIKE.

I love my bike. But the point of this site is not to have you buy my bike. It’s not even being sold by Walmart or Kent Bikes anymore.

So the point is to get a bike.

ANY BIKE… And take it for a ride.

If you don’t have a bike in your garage, you can grab a bike that could last you years at Walmart or Target or at the Kick-Ass local bike shop in your town.

Remember Lance Armstrong? He wrote a book called. “It’s Not About the Bike” or some shit. He was right. I suspect he was trying to make a point about the size of his manhood. But we agree with the sentiment.

It is literally NOT about the bike.

It’s about finding any bike and going for a ride. Riding till you smile. That’s it. It’s not about how tough you are. It’s not about how fast you are. It’s not about how many tricks you can do or how much your dumb bike costs.

It’s about going for a ride like you did when you were a kid. Just for fun. Just to ride.

And so much can be learned from this simple act.

Go ride bikes

black beach cruiser bicycle
This is available right now… Go Ride Bikes

My 29-inch black cruiser bike from Walmart is the vessel I use to find freedom.

I can’t imagine my life without it. But I could probably find a suitable replacement at Walmart in under an hour.

It’s about the experience on the bike that matters. It’s about the thing that happens when you reach that point where you smile again.

Our journey on earth is curated by us. We forget this, thinking that circumstances are outside of our design. But through the use of the bicycle and going on ride bikes, you start to see that you are in charge of your own life, just like you are in charge of your own bike.

It’s not so much an escape as a return.

A return to happiness. A return to riding bikes for fun. A return to HAVING FUN, just to have fun. Not to entertain the kids, or the dog or whatever.

After all, this life is just a ride. A fellow Texan and erstwhile savior, Bill Hicks said it so well:

Some of you write in and have questions. Here are some answers from the Mystery School.


Can You Forget How to Ride a Bike?

No, you can’t. That’s why they call it ‘just like riding a bike’.

What is a Cruiser Bicycle?

In the first part of the last century, bikes were released that mimicked different classes of US Naval warships. The cruiser was the class that stuck.

While the Beach Cruiser seems like it would be for cruising the beach, it’s really a beach version of the bike that was made to look like the cruiser class warship from the post-war era, that was then adopted as a bike to cruise the beach… See what we did there?

Do beach cruiser bikes have gears?

Or do beach cruisers have changeable gears, to help you up hills? Some do. Many beach cruisers have gears you can switch using a control on the bars.

If you are looking for the best bang for buck and least breakdowns, just get a bike with a single gear. Upgrade if you love biking but you can’t be bothered with pedaling hard.

My bike, a basic beach cruiser from Walmart, is a fixed gear. It does not have multiple gears.

Plus, when I ride, all I have to focus on is enjoying myself, not “AM I IN THE BEST GEAR?” On top of that, gears crunch and grind, taking the fun out of a peaceful, meditative ride. Going for a ride with a road bike is like bringing along a nose hair trimmer. Yeah, it’s maybe useful, but it sounds annoying and you have to worry about it all the time.

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