Happiness Education School

Designed to help people return to happiness. At Cruiser Bike Mystery School, we help people discern what they want from their lives using a simple concept: Find a bike, make it safe, ride until smiling.

Find a Bike and Go For a Ride. Return to Happiness. Once there, everything gets clearer and you can see what you want.

What would you do if money and time were no object?

I know what I would do because I do it EVERY DAY.

What would you do?

HINT: Use a bike to discover the answer (even if it’s NOT riding bikes).

Beach Cruiser Bike in crosswalk

When was the FIRST TIME you can remember being REALLY happy?

For many of us, it was on a bicycle. Our parents got us a bike and we rode around with our friends, getting into trouble, playing games, just being happy.

That’s our entire philosophy. Ride a Bike Until Smiling.

Honestly, you can stop reading now. Just go find a bike, make it safe, and take it for a spin. Ride until smiling.

We can’t sell you happiness. All you have to do is find a bike and ride it. Go-Ride Bikes. That’s it. This site says ONLY THAT, over and over, in different ways.

Yes, there are layers to it, like there are layers to everything.

Cruiser Bike Mystery School is about teaching you the mysteries of life from the back of a bike seat.